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EYAC in Czech TV once again

Reportage from the event should appear in Czech TV on Thursday, June 20, 2013, at 17.05 in the “Sport v regionech” cycle.
Watch online.


EYAC’13 is over

Dear sportsmen,
The 14th European Region 1 Youth ARDF Championships is over now. Here are the official results of the championships. We hope you all enjoy the event and experienced success and possibly find new friends.
In 2000, the tradition of international youth ARDF championships began in Kroměříž. We are proud that the Czech Republic has the opportunity to host again this event. New discipline – sprint – was introduced. We hope it succeeded and may become a regular part of future’s EYACs.
Also, you should check web photogallery for some recent pictures and also for the routes of winners.

We wish you safe trip home
Team of organizers


Photogallery updated

Check photogallery for the pictures from first two competitions M16.


Third competition – Saturday – 3.5 MHz

Finish of the third competition (3.5 MHz) is located at the old soccer field in the commune Zubří (Loc. 49°34’35.450″N, 16°7’45.163″E). When you arrive to Zubří, follow signs to “tábor BVV”, the field is at the forest border. You can also again follow signs “CÍL/FINISH EYAC.”

Please, take care between communes “Nové Město na Moravě” and “Zubří” – there is an unprotected train crossing!

Start list 3.5 MHz (PDF).
EYAC news No. 2 – latest info (PDF).


1st competition – Routes of the best

Check photogallery for routes of the best competitors (W14, M14, W16, M16).


EYAC in Czech TV

“Události v regionech, June 13, 2013″
Watch in time 23:23…


Second competition – Friday – SPRINT 3.5 MHz

Finish of the second competition (SPRINT 3.5 MHz) is located at the meadow behind the hotel Horník (i.e., event center).

Start list SPRINT 3.5 MHz (PDF).
EYAC news No. 1 – latest info (PDF).


The Championship began

First day passed, 9 teams arrived – altogether 93 competitors and bunch of visitors. We hope, most of you appreciated short speeches and performance of the Aerobic club from Nové Město na Moravě. After opening ceremony lots of teams made a picture at the stage – check more photos at our photogallery.

Finally, we’re looking forward to tomorrow, when first competition takes place. We prepared a bunch of online results for you – the links will be available in the morning. You can watch online result lists as well as actual splits from several radio controls.

Watch online results.



First competition – Thursday – 144 MHz

Finish of the first competition (144 MHz) is located at the beach of the hotel Medlov.
We recommend to drive from “Tři Studně” towards “Fryšava” – in the middle of “Fryšava” turn right heading to “hotel Medlov,” continue to the dam, after crossing the dam, there is hotel Medlov on the right, about 200 meters further is parking place. The finish is on the other side of the hotel at the hotel beach.
Warning, only vehicle less than 3.5 tons are allowed on this road!

Start list 144 MHz (PDF).
Bulletin No. 4 – latest info (PDF).


Announcement – approximate locations of finishes!
Thursday (144 MHz) – Medlov
Friday (sprint) – Tři Studně
Saturday (3.5 MHz) – Zubří

For details refer to the map of embargoed areas.


Medals arrived!

Medals are ready and awaiting their winners.


EYAC mentioned in local newspapers

On July 1st, the article was printed in the local monthly newspaper “ZPRAVODAJ NOVOMĚSTSKO.” It shortly introduced our sport and enumerated expected teams and competitors. Furthermore, general schedule was announced. Whole article (in czech).


Floods in the Czech Republic

You may notice in the news that the whole center of Europe is suffering by massive floods. Our country is not the exception. Nevertheless, the venue of the event is well in the highlands, no floods taking place there. Currently, all Czech highways are operating normally, Prague’s airport is also in standard operation, all main rivers are expected to fall down below extreme levels within next few days and shall not cause any serious troubles in the next week. We will inform you about any relevant and important updates.


15 days remaining!

Last weekend were all the revisions of competition map completed and the last changes in terrain were checked. Web page was updated, enjoy new photogallery.


Bulletin No. 3 just released!

Download Bulletin No. 3 from the download section or read its content on the website. Inside, you’ll find details of embargoed areas as well as directions for arrival.


50 days remaining! Registration form ready for download.

As the deadline for registration is May 6, we would like to note that registration form (XLS format) is available at the EYAC’13 website in download section. We strongly suggest using this form as it makes the registration process easy and tidy. We also ask for a “passport-size photo” of each registered participant (competitor, team official, visitor). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee you’ll have your badges prepared upon arrival. All photos (in reasonable resolution) should be send via email together with registration form (suggested file naming is: _.jpg). Moreover, every national team is asked to send us (again, preferably via email) the national anthem of particular country suitable for ceremonies. Finally, let us remind you that all wire-transfer payments shall be held in CZK(Czech Crowns)!


spring arrived!70 days remaining!

One more team has announced its attendance – Romania. Will there be someone else?   We are working hard preparing the event, however, as you can see in recent photo from the forest, spring hasn’t arrived yet to these parts of our country.


Bulletin No. 2 just released!

Download Bulletin No. 2 from the download section or read its content on the website.


Received letters of intent

So far, we have received letters of intent from following countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.


First letters of intent received

As the deadline for sending letter of intent for EYAC 2013 is approaching (December 15, 2012), we have received first two Letters from Croatian and Polish societies. Who will be the next one? Hurry up, it’s only a dozen days left.


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